OST Viewer Tool

Enables accessing different types of OST files including corrupt, healthy and even password-protected without needing MS Exchange Server connection. The tool is user-friendly and comes free of cost.

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This dynamic OST Viewer tool is aesthetically designed to make the affected OST files accessible in an effortless manner even if they are password protected. It embraces a self-descriptive GUI that itself assists user to operate the tool. This feature-packed tool doesn't even require a connection with MS Exchange Server to enable opening of OST files. It has a wide ranging compatibility with different versions of MS Outlook, Exchange Server and Windows OS. Above all, it allows user to copy and print emails in TXT and HTML format.

Salient Features of OST Viewer Tool

OST Viewer Tool facilitates instant accessibility of OST file with the help of its following features:

No Server Dependency

This proficient tool works independent of MS Exchange Server connectivity. It performs OST file scanning and exhibits complete data contained in mails including notes, contacts, calendar items, emails etc. without establishing server connection.

Intuitive File Search

The tool has intuitive search option that instantly scans the specified drive or volume to identify all the OST files available. It further enlists all the files regardless of the state of accessibility they possess.

Open All Sorts of OST Files

OST Viewer Tool can make all sorts of OST files accessible be it healthy, corrupt or password protected. It works with the same ease and efficiency even if you don't remember the password.

Easy Copy and Print

In addition to making files easily accessible without availability of MS Exchange Server, this tool facilitates copying and printing of files in HTML and TXT formats. It covers email attachments as well.

Self-Explanatory Interface

This tool comprises a lively and interactive interface that makes it easy for you to comprehend its functionality without gaining any technical expertise. It is often referred as simple and straightforward, feature-packed tool.

Wider Compatibility

The tool has extended capability to support different versions of Windows OS, MS Exchange Server and MS Outlook.

Instant File Analyses

This efficient tool offers a detailed report of all types of items including contacts, emails, email flow density in accordance to date, sender or receiver. You can streamline the OST files data as per your preferences.

Undisturbed Data Integrity

This proficient tool helps regaining access to OST files, keeping its structure, formatting and properties in place. In fact, the tool ensures no harm to overall hierarchy of the OST files.

Process to Make OST File Accessible

OST Viewer Tool is integrated with easy-to-use features that help in an easy accessing and opening of OST files with same ease and accuracy without impacting the integrity of data as well as meta data. Following snapshots will give you a clear idea:

Free Download